Our Story

 I’m a mum of a two years old girl. I love to take my baby out to explore the world since she was born. We spend a lot of time in the park and all different types of baby classes. But playing indoors and outdoors on cold days, it is always a trouble for me to dress and undress her for varying temperatures.


Most of the pram suits in the market only allow the chest part to be opened when the baby is laying down, getting the arms out and changing nappies is difficult. I keep looking in the market to see if there are such pram suits that would be warm enough but also convenient to get un/dressed but could not find one. Then I came up with an idea to create one!


Beebee Toasty’s philosophy is to provide comfort for babies and convenience to parents. After three prototypes, I was finally pleased with the result. We tested in mum’s groups and tried on babies at different stages and mums were so excited to see the products to be launched. 

The Products

The productions of the pramsuit meet the international standard of ISO9001. The filling of the products used by Beebee Toasty meets the most rigorous stands of the highest quality class of down.


It comprises 90% duck down and 10% of feather which allows the warmth and lightness. The exterior of the pramsuit is water-resistant and is excellent in insulation. The breathable and top-class certificate material ensures keeping babies warm in cold winters, moving freely unhampered and without worries of being overheated.

The Sustainable

At Beebbee Toasty, we are well aware of the importance of sustainable buying decisions in the fashion industry. We are working our best to ensure our products meet the standards of eco-friendly.


Our down products are guaranteed from sustainable natural materials and non-live-plucked. We consider each part of our production process is waste reduced and fair traded. 


Down is a by-product of the poultry industry. It contains at least 80% protein and is a natural product that can be naturally degraded.